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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  January 28, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig ♪ >> [meow] [laughter] craig: remember this face? it's happened again. now i don't know what to do because michael said we've run over. you have to end the show quickly. [laughter] craig: good night, everybody. good night.
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[ all ] what's in your wallet? i'm a sex and love addict. >> internet porn. millions have a secret obsession. whether it's you or your partner, when does it go too far? plus, don't put that shovel away. topper is tracking more snow in your forecast. when something is a disaster, then we start coming together. >> also, it was a crisis. a woman trapped inside a burning
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house with 911 not answering. and roads buried in snow. see how these heros saved the day. this is 9news now. the perfect storm is now in our rear-view mirror tonight, but the perfect mess may present a challenge. >> i'm brett haber. derek is off tonight. the federal government has not said if they'll be open tomorrow, but the dc government announced they will open on time. parents, listen up, montgomery, princeton, prince williams, fairfax will be closed tomorrow. there has been no decision from prince george's county. other delays are at the bottom of the screen. and metro bus is only running on snow emergency routes tomorrow, but metrorail is normal and on time and all three area airports will be open. meanwhile, it is a waiting game tonight for thousands of people without power. here is the latest outage numbers we have.
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right now dominion power is reporting 21,200. everyone's lights should be on this weekend. pepco says by this time tomorrow night, they should have all of their customers up and running. right now they have about 128,000, 500 outages. dc has about 16,000 of those. prince george's county, a little less than 14,000. and montgomery county is the hardest hit right now with 98,500 customers without electricity tonight. >> those montgomery county numbers include where the streets are completely dark. >> a ghost town. not much there we can see. >> reporter: not a whole lot. and that's because it's so pitch dark. the people out here in this neighborhood have been sitting in these conditions since yesterday. really. i don't know if you can see this or not in your screen, you can see all of the snow accumulations on the trees and on some of the power lines. that is what is making it almost impossible for crews to come in here and fix the situation out here. now, just down the road over
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here off to my left, springville terrace, this is an assisted living facility that right now we understand does not have power. there are people inside there who are cold tonight and hungry because they don't have power inside there. what little bit of light you see there is being -- it's actually being turned on by some extra generators that they have out here. now, earlier tonight i did run into a good samaritan who was going door to door checking up on some of the elderly folks who live out in this neighborhood and bringing them some food. take a listen to what he had to say. >> every once in awhile, you know, i will bring them food or something. we look after each other. so actually tonight since that was pretty much a day 34 hours since we don't have power, we decide to bring them some food and they were more than happy to have something. >> reporter: and now back live here, i want to give you an idea of what some of the other problems that we're having out here are. as most people already know, another freeze is happening right now as we speak. this is sort of big rock size
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pieces of snow that are sort of laying around here. and you can see it's all over here. so you can just imagine if this stuff is on power lines and on top of trees, crews are going to have a really difficult time helping the people who are out here in the dark. i can also tell you that i spoke to at least a handful of people out here who tell me they are very skeptical and not too optimistic that the crews are going to be able to turn their power back on by 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. we'll let you know what happens with this. >> thank you, ken. if downed trees, power lines and stranded cars aren't enough obstacles in the road, it looks like we're going to have to look at black ice. let's get to topper shutt. >> this is not black ice. this looks wet. this is a sheet of ice now. this is all frozen so please take it easy tomorrow. let me show you temperatures because everybody is below freezing. 32 at the dot on national. but in the 20s up to the north in gaithersburg and also down to
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the south in manassas. so, again, get ready for black ice. again, it looks wet, but it's frozen. slow down. maybe add a little more distance between you and your friend in front of you. overnight then we're looking at mostly cloudy skies and refreezing. 24-30 for temperatures. winds southeasterly at ten. fou, nor your wakeup -- now, for your wakeup weather, clouds roll in and we can see light snow by 9:00 with temperatures 38-24. we'll come back and talk about the potential for light snow tomorrow and again on saturday. >> okay, top. well, tonight a 94-year-old woman is alive because of the heroism and persistence of her community in south four corner. >> neighbors faced dangerous flames from a transformer fire and a non-functioning 911 system to save the senior system and keep the -- to keep the senior and kept the fire from growing. >> reporter: if not for help of
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neighbors, the 94-year-old woman who lived inside would have died on these steps. >> this transformer right up here blew three times with a big loud noise and fire came out from it. >> reporter: that fire engulfed this home on the corner of lamarck way and dallas lav new. >> it was burn -- avenue. >> it was burning. >> reporter: lawrence had gone outside to get a flashlight when he saw his 94-year-old neighbor stagger out of her burning home. >> she got ahold of the rail and fell down on the steps. >> reporter: lawrence and other neighbors cad millie to the house next door where a 74-year-old come for theed her. >> we put her on the -- comforted her. >> we put her on the couch and put blankets on it and made her as comfortable as we could. i stayed with her. >> reporter: with no power, they tried to contact 911 but they weren't working.
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>> they couldn't get through. >> reporter: montgomery county police say there was a disruption of their 911 center. she is at the hospital recovering from a broken arm. she is live tonight thanks to her loving and heroic neighbors. >> everybody is helpful and cares. >> reporter: right now this neighborhood is still without power, so this is what they're seeing when they step out on the street. but power should be back by 11:00 tomorrow night. in silver spring, armando trull. verizon did not note fight them of a disruption -- notify them of a disruption. make no mistake, the snowstorm has had deadly consequences. a man was killed overnight in a hit and run accident. witnesses say he was walking in the road when a ford pickup with a snowplow on the front hit him and kept on going. and in northwest dc, a tree fell on to a truck. it killed one man. four other people in the truck
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survived. >> in virginia, a snowball is being blamed for landing this guy behind bars and another in the hospital. tyree alexander used a box culter to cut a throat. he was working as a contractor shoveling snow when someone through a snowball. he cut the man. the victim is expected to survive. after a disastrous night like we had, there is bound to be people playing the blame game. tonight many are pointing a finger at the federal office of personal management. they told hundreds of thousands of workers they could leave early yesterday. the trouble is they drove right into the heart of the snowstorm. >> they knew that the storm was going to begin at 4:00 and they let people out at 3:00. what this did was guarantee an army of cars on roads right in
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the storm's path. >> well, omp says federal employees come in at all different times and the early leave was designed to get them out in staggered ways. well, have you seen all of the abandoned cars on the roads? i imagine you have. and local jurisdictions have been towing hundreds of them. are you looking for yours? well, in maryland call the state police where you abandoned it. if you left it on a local road, call the emergency communication center. if your car was towed away in dc, call 202-541, 6048. in virginia, cars left on the gw parkway were towed to the scenic overlooks. if your car was towed from an interstate or ramp, call the state police. and each county has a specific number to call. we have all of the information and all the numbers on our website right now still ahead tonight, adult
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websites. they're now a billion dollar industry and an obsession millions keep hidden. >> i am a sex and love addict. >> but whether it's you or a loved one, when does curiosity turn toxic? the secret world of
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75 million people visit adult websites every month and 10% of these visitors admit that they may be addicted to these sites. this according to new numbers from a group called safe families. internet pornography is an industry with billions of dollars. as derek mcginty shows us, for some people it's as addictive as alcohol or drugs. >> well, i am a sex and love addict. >> reporter: john would lock him self up in dark rooms for as long as five hours at a time scouring the internet, creating sexual fantasies, cutting himself off from everyone. he says being addicted to alcohol would have been better.
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>> i carry myself around with me. i'm a sexual being. i cannot get away from it. now, alcohol i can sit down and walk away from it. >> part of the issue is it's secretive. and we don't talk about this disorder. >> reporter: linda davis treats sexual addiction. >> we think that sometimes it's just really something that kind of -- it's not real toxic. they just think it's kind of the part of growing up. >> i think it's very underdiagnosed. >> reporter: so when does healthy curiosity turn into a case of addiction? in john's case, when he started spending more time physically and mentally with the images on his screen than with his loved one. >> because if you're making contact with the images on the computer, you're not making contact with a human being. and we all have a need to be close to other people. >> reporter: finding a spiritual basis helped john with recovery. he also joined a 12-step program. >> i am very happy in the second
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life recovery has given me. and addicts have a chance at two lives, and one life is gone. >> if you think or somebody you know has this problem, we put resources on our website that can help. log on to you can find a questionnaire that can indicate if there is an addition to internet porn. the illinois supreme court has placed rahm emmanuel just on the ballot. he spent about two years here in washington as president obama's chief of staff. he moved back to chicago last october. tonight our very own jc hayward received a well deserved award. she was inducted into he the black journalist hall of fame. [ cheers and applause ] >> the year was 1972 when she
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came to washington. the first woman to anchor the news in the district, which she has now been doing for 39 years. she has made a constant in an industry that constantly changes. a dedicated, committed and reliable source for generations of viewers. >> i love jc. i think she does a fabulous job. i know i can rely on her. strong, important news. >> she brings a sense of community to the air. lots of folks have a position where they're sort of displaced and they sort of look at the community on third person perspective. she always brought perspectives from somebody who understand what was happening on the street. >> it was people like jc that made it possible for all other women to come into broadcasting. >> when i entered this fabulous, fabulous career back in 1970, there was very few people on television who looked like me. so it was very important for me to be a role model.
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i feel so close to the community. most of all the washington community, because i came here to washington and they opened their arms and they embraced me and really they make me feel like this is my home. [ cheers and applause ] >> jc has also been a generous philanthropist. all proceeds from tonight's gala benefit ownership program. since the start of the snowstorm, we have been getting tons of pictures and videos from our viewers and we have been sharing them with you from time to time. here is one from lisa lawrence from virginia. and this is a sight that many of you have been seeing in your yards tonight. trees bending under the weight of all of the heavy, heavy snow. i was using a shovel to knock some of the snow off. angela sent us this picture from
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allegheny, maryland. i'm hoping it isn't her van. >> along with the photos, people have been telling us about their stories about the nightmare getting home. a 12-hour commute that should take 30 minutes. broken down, stuck, abandoned cars everywhere. paid somebody 60 bucks, three gallons of gas to not run out. to share your own stories and pictures, join the conversation click on our facebook link. let's go from misery to making the most of a snow day which is what kids do best. >> are you having a good time? >> yes. >> yes. >> at least they were. nobody was in school. and youngsters all across our region hit the hills. this is video from northwest dc today. it seemed to be a pretty popular spot from rubber tubes to boogie boards on the snow. kids and parents doing their best not to wipe out. of course, topper was fairly
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easy to wipe out just on your own front stoop from all of the black ice. >> yes, it was. and tomorrow morning getting the paper, be careful. >> okay. >> it's going to be frozen. and we had a little light snow coming our way. don't freak out between 8:00 and 2:00. it will all be good. [ laughing ] >> we'll get through it. let's start with the current temperatures. again, everybody is below freezing. national is at the freezing mark and that is good enough to freeze stuff. believe me. everybody else in the upper 20s. we're looking at 29 in arlington and 28 in rockville. 30 in college park and 27 in beltsville. to what appears wet could, in fact, be ice. all right, satellite picture, radar combined, we have clipper number two. and this is going to maybe bring us some light snow on saturday. most of this activity, though, stays to the north. clipper number one is bearing down on us. light snow in much of ohio, northern kentucky, and this is going to give us light snow between 8:00 and 2:30 essentially north of i66 and north of route 50. right now we have clouds
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overspraying the area. we're good overnight. i think you'll get through the morning commute before we see any flakes fly. at least most of it anyway. so refreeze overnight. that is a definite. more slick spots in the morning. check your windshield whieper fluid. you're going -- wiper fluid. you're going to need it all week. clipper on friday, clipper on saturday. and tomorrow light snow possible between 8:00 and about 2:00 p.m. again, we're talking less than an inch. in fact, here is our future cast. by 9:45 in the morning we see light snow across most of the metro area. i think it's from andrews northward. but you get the picture. clippers can't turn into blizzards. don't worry. it will get out of here by early afternoon. we catch our breath for a little bit. this is evening at 6:00. maybe clouds but everything is gone. then we see another clipper approach on saturday. and most of this precipitation will stay to the north. kind of hugging the border. see right up by hagerstown and cumberland. it will throw clouds our way on saturday, but i think this one will miss us.
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mostly cloudy. slick spots early. 24-34. then by afternoon, light snow mainly in the early afternoon. less than an inch. high temperatures 35-40. highs tomorrow mainly in the upper 30s. maybe 39 downtown. so because of the service temperatures are above freezing, we're not anticipating any problems. next three days, 38 tomorrow. 39 on saturday. maybe a flurry mainly north of town. pretty nice day on sunday back in the low 40s. next seven days, low 40s. that's average. then colder air comes in. and with it some moisture approaches from the south. we know what that means. maybe some light snow on tuesday. the snow could change to a mix on wednesday. it does appear this will be a fairly large organized storm. we'll keep you posted. mid 30s again with sunshine on thursday. >> okay. >> okay. >> thank you, topper. now, just because you joined me doesn't mean you can slack on the sports stuff. we need that too. >> really. because i was ready to go home. >> can you believe another negative january for jim zorn. a year after he got the ax from
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the redskins. he receives another pink slip today. plus maryland and virginia continue the hoops fig
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> in the last ten years, maryland has been to the ncaa tournament seven times. virginia has been there just once. and that is part of the reason why tony bennett took over that program last year. and he's already making big progress. both times the terps have come to charlottesville since bennett took over, the caps have won the game. the cavs had some issues hanging on to the rock tonight. this is adrian with the steel and deposit. -- steal and deposit. he has the steal. he's got the layup. and the foul.
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he had 22 points in the game. and he wasn't the only swiper out there. jordan williams gets it up ahead to cliff tucker as the terps win at virginia for the first time since '87. earlier in the day george mason a game postponed and for towson it probably didn't feel like it was worth the wait. they win by 26. patriots now 16-5. meanwhile, news tonight out of baltimore where the ravens have fired jim zorn. sound familiar? the former redskins head coach spent the last year as baltimore's quarterback coach. and even though their qb had their best season with the quarterback rating of 93, he gets fired two years in a row. golf today, tiger woods won the open in '08. this is on number six. and that went in for a birdie. and then on number nine, his
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final hole of the day, just slides by low. 369 for tiger. tied for 20th. the votes are in and it's time to announce this week's high school sportsnet game of the week. and winning by just 1% of the tally is heritage at loudoun valley. now, the problem is, the loudoun county schools are closed tomorrow. and so the game will not be played tomorrow night. we just heard it will be played on saturday. but we will cover the game on saturday and give loudoun valley and heritage their due. you can vote for next week's game and see the full slate of games tomorrow night. and with that it's time for our weekly look at the excellent and not so excellent in the world of sports. it is the good, the bad and the ugly for january 27th. we start with the good. best passing. the utah jazz. you you have to watch this see yens here -- you have to watch this sequence. behind the back and behind the
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back against. >> fancy. >> if they played sweet georgia brown, they're kind of like the trotters. just then the sound turns on, the ball sits on top of it, he swats the ball off of it and banks it. >> that's awesome. >> like out of the blow hole of a whale. i think that is the best mini shot i've ever seen. let's go to the bad. worst awareness. yukon playing texas. this game is tied at 60. roscoe smith is going to get the rebound here and shut the desperation length of the court shot to win the game. and the thing is, there were ten seconds left in the game. he didn't need to throw a desperation. >> oh. >> he never checked the clock. maybe he saw that the ten on the clock thought it was 10:00 at night. there was a dead spot on the floor. there was an air bubble under there so they got a drill and
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screwed the court down. maybe they should have had kangaroos jump on it. let's go to the ugly. worst job getting dressed. wizards big man. see the logo on the back of his shorts. that's supposed to be on the front of his shorts. he played half the game with his shorts on backwards. so they made a big circle as he dropped his shorts in front of 18,000 people and turned his shorts around because you can't play with your shorts on backwards. >> i do that with my boys at the beach. >> you can put a towel around their waist. >> yes. >> which i've done


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